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Nadia Boulanger: ‘between intimidating and terrifying’

April 12, 20180

By MICHAEL JOHNSON – Perhaps enough time has passed since the death of the famous French pedagogue Nadia Boulanger to…

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Boulez : from B to Z

January 6, 20160

PORTRAIT – French composer Pierre Boulez has died on thuesday (January, 5) at the age of 90. At spring 2015, the Philharmonie…

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Ivan Ilić: “Morton Feldman is Fashionable”

November 17, 20150

Feldman's music necessitates a conscious rethinking of gesture. It also requires you to lose yourself in the music, both as…

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Philip Glass: “My music’s never sounded so good”

March 14, 20120

INTERVIEW – Premièred in 1976 at the Avignon Festival, Philip Glass’s opera Einstein on the Beach had the effect of…

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