About me

A graduate of the Paris School of Journalism (the Centre de formation des journalistes à Paris) ‎Séverine Garnier started her career writing for the website of Europe 1, a leading French broadcaster. Her stint began in September 2001 – a key period both in 21st century history, and in the evolution of modern media’s 24 hour internet news cycle.

In 2005 she began to apply contemporary journalism practice to her passion: classical music. She became the editor of www.abeilleinfos.com, a daily information portal for Abeille Musique, a prominent French publisher and distributor of classical record labels.

Since striking out on her own as an independent journalist in 2010, ‎ Séverine Garnier has published interviews, features and concert reviews on a daily basis. The articles published on her blog are generally republished from news outlets she collaborates with regularly: “Le Parisien” and Sud Ouest. She also writes for French bank Société Générale’s Music Sponsorship programme.

To maintain transparency, the news outlet where each article was first published is mentioned at the end of the article. In the absence of such mention, the blog is independent commentary, unique to this website.

In addition to her work as a journalist, blogger, and “Twitterati”‎, Séverine Garnier regularly gives lectures about music at the Bordeaux Opera.

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